Threading Versus Laser Treatment For Facial Hair Removal - Which Is Best For You?

When it comes to facial hair removal, should you opt for the ancient Middle Eastern practice of 'threading' or zap those pesky hairs with laser treatment?  Here's a comparison to help you decide.

Threading and laser therapy compared

Threading is rapidly gaining in popularity as a facial hair removal option.  The technique involves passing a tightly-twisted, thin cotton thread across the target area in order to remove hairs by the root.  When carried out by an experienced beautician, this is a very precise way of getting rid of unwanted hairs which makes it great for shaping eyebrows, for example.

The threading procedure is much cheaper than laser therapy, is totally safe and is much less painful than waxing or tweezing.  However, unlike laser therapy, it's not a permanent fix.  Threading can be pretty time-consuming too, and that means that it's really only suitable for treating very small areas.

Lasers also work by tackling each hair.  The laser light travels down through the hair shaft via the colour pigment into the root.  Once exposed briefly to the laser's intense heat, the root of the hair is destroyed together with the stem cells in the hair follicle.  This means that the hair will never regrow.  Although laser treatment may require several sessions before it is fully effective, you won't have to have the treatment repeated once the hairs are gone.

Just like threading, modern laser treatment is safe and suitable for all skin types and hair colours.

Which is best?

The best option for you will depend on your priorities.  If you want your facial hair permanently gone, then laser treatment is the way to go.  However, if you have a tight beauty budget and you can't afford pricey laser treatment sessions, then you might be better opting for regular threading sessions instead.  This solution might not be permanent, but it will allow you to spread the cost out.

It's also important to think about which particular areas you want the hair removed from.  Threading is an extremely accurate and precise technique.  This makes it much better for shaping eyebrows than laser hair removal which can't be as accurately targeted.  Other facial areas like your upper lip or chin can be treated just as effectively with laser therapy.

In general, lasers these days are very safe and are deemed suitable for use on all skin types.  Neither procedure is painful; however, if you have very sensitive skin, it might be best to opt for threading.  Threading plucks the hair out directly from its root, rather than pulling on the skin which can cause inflammation and mild discomfort. 

Time-wise, neither treatment is particularly quick if carried out properly by an expert.  The time taken obviously depends to an extent on how large the area for treatment is.  For example, if you were having your eyebrows, upper lip and stray hairs on your neck removed by threading, this would probably take longer than laser therapy as it's a more precise treatment.

When it comes to facial hair removal, threading and laser treatment are both popular options.  Laser is more expensive but permanent, whereas threading is cheaper and although more precise, it will require repeat sessions to maintain the effect.

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