Salon Furniture | 4 Considerations When Buying A Portable Shampoo Bowl For Your Small Hairdressing Salon

Salon furniture like shampoo bowls and chairs are must haves in every hairdressing salon, especially if you want to provide your guests with a comfortable hair washing experience. If you run a small salon with limited space, then a portable version is probably best because you can move it around if necessary. Portable shampoo bowls are also unlikely to take up too much room in your salon. This guide aims to help you consider certain factors when buying portable shampoo bowls for your hairdressing salon.

Look For Something With Variable Height

When you choose portable shampoo bowls as part of your salon furniture repertoire, look for something where the height is variable to ensure you cater to different client heights. This allows you to easily adjust the bowl up or down depending on the height of your clients for an enriched hair washing experience. A non-adjustable shampoo bowl can be extremely uncomfortable, and you run the risk of losing out on repeat business because people will look elsewhere for a better salon experience.

Choose A Shampoo Bowl With A Stable Base

Some portable shampoo bowls aren't as stable as others at the base, so pay attention to this feature to prevent the shampoo bowl from tipping over if too much pressure is applied to one side. For added stability, make sure the base is wide with plenty of stands at the bottom to hold it upright. A narrow base will compromise the stability of the shampoo bowl, which will increase the risk of it tipping over mid wash.

Make Sure The Drain Hose Is Long Enough

Since the idea is to buy a portable shampoo bowl, you may consider moving it around in your salon. Alternatively, you can use the shampoo bowl to increase your number of home client visits. Either way, you'll want the drain hose to be long enough to seamlessly connect to a functional drain near a sink. When buying a portable shampoo bowl, make sure that the drain hose is long enough because shorter hoses will limit the spaces where you can place it.

Choose Stain Resistant And High Quality Plastic

Portable shampoo bowls are typically made from different qualities of plastic to retain their lightweight features. Keep in mind that if you're running a salon business, then you're probably treating hair with dye and colour, so you'll naturally want to choose a portable shampoo bowl made from stain resistant, high quality plastic. This will prevent it from discolouring or staining.

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