Body Massage | 4 Sharp Tactics To Properly Prep Your Body For A Massage

If you're dealing with stress in your personal or professional life, then a body massage could potentially give you immense relaxation. A body massage relies on deep strokes to relax your muscles and tissues by breaking up knots and releasing toxins. Getting the most value from your body massage requires some preparation, so be sure to follow these sharp tactics.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep in mind that a body massage is designed especially to adjust your muscles and to break up any tense knots within them. The massage will also release muscle toxins, which may make you feel tired and exhausted once complete. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay well hydrated. This will prevent you from feeling tired once your body massage is over. On the contrary, water before and after the massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Have A Warm Shower Before Your Body Massage

Make sure you have a warm shower before your body massage because this will help you feel more relaxed and will loosen the muscles within your body. The soothing effect of warm showers will relax both your muscles and mind, so you will feel less tense during the massage session. Being clean will also help you remain confident when you're in close proximity with your massage therapist.

Avoid Drinking Coffee After Your Massage Session

If you have an early morning or evening session with your body massage therapist, be sure to drink your coveted cup of coffee before and not after your appointment. If you drink caffeine directly after a massage, your worked-on muscles will start to tense up once again, which completely defeats the purpose of the session. If possible, avoid drinking caffeine-based products for as long as possible. Instead, drink a glass of water or try some herbal tea as viable alternatives to your coffee habit.

Avoid Eating A Full Meal Directly Before Your Massage

Eating a full meal just before your massage will make you feel uncomfortably stuffed as the massage therapist applies deep strokes along your body. While a massage is meant to stimulate digestion, skip the full meal in favour of something light to remain comfortable on the massage table. Of course, don't skip any meals before your appointment because you may end up feeling woozy and lightheaded during or after your massage is over. Eating a light meal just before your body massage will enable digestion without making you feel stuffed.

Follow these sharp tactics in your quest to properly prepare for a body massage.

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