A Simple Guide to Makeup Brushes for Newbies

If you would like to enhance your makeup skills or study to become a makeup artist, then you should consider enrolling in a beauty school. Here you can learn different skills and techniques to make the most of makeup artistically as well as creatively. However, one crucial aspect to learn would be using the correct makeup brushes. Once you have grasped this, it is easier to transition to using air-brushes for makeup application. Here is a simple guide to using makeup brushes for newbies.

A foundation brush

A foundation brush is a flat brush that has very long bristles. Though some women prefer using their fingers or a sponge to apply their foundation, this is not appropriate. A foundation brush will work wonders for you if you want a matte finish to your makeup application. It spreads the foundation evenly on your face in one thin layer, thus preventing any caking of the product. It also prevents you from spreading germs that could be lurking on your fingers to the skin on your face. Using your fingers could inevitably make you prone to pimple breakouts if you have sensitive skin.

A concealer brush

A concealer brush works almost the same way as the foundation brush; it is used to conceal blemishes. It may seem easier to just apply concealer with your fingers but doing this with a brush will give you a more polished look. This is because the brush will eliminate any clumps when applying the concealer.

A powder brush

A powder brush is the most important of all makeup brushes. This is what you will use last to ensure that your makeup settles perfectly on your face. You can also use a powder brush to dust talc on your face so as to eliminate any shine that you may have. A powder brush is also handy in retouching your makeup without having to use the different brushes all over again.

An eye shadow brush

Although there are crème eye shadows available that could be applied with the use of fingers, most cosmetic companies sell powder eye shadows. The mistake most women make is using one eye shadow brush to apply their makeup. Eye shadow brushes should be purchased in sets of three. The first one is used to apply makeup on the socket of the eye. The second eye shadow brush is used to apply eye shadow on the lid of the eye. The last one should be used to apply makeup under the eyebrow to give your eyes that smoky finish. Ensure that you clean your eye shadow brushes thoroughly when you want to use a different colour so as not to contaminate your eye shadow colour-pallet.

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